How can recycling metal help the environment?


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How can recycling metal help the environment?


In recent years, more and more homeowners and businesses have shifted towards sustainable living to reduce the amount of natural resources they use and improve their green credentials. As a widely recyclable material around the world, metal boasts many benefits that help the environment when disposed of correctly. 

Here’s how…

Waste metal is first taken to a dedicated waste transfer station where it is sorted and separated from other waste. It is then processed into a new metal material that can be reused. The two main types of metal – ferrous and non-ferrous – can both be recycled from a variety of sources, including aluminium cans, end-of-life vehicles and demolition waste. Take a look at our previous blog post here to find out more about ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

metal recycling

What does this mean for the environment? 

Diversion of waste from landfill

Landfill sites generate high levels of greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes directly to global warming. If metal is sent to landfill, it can potentially take hundreds of years to biodegrade (if at all). In a bid to reduce its environmental impact and limit the amount sent to landfill, waste metal can instead be easily recycled and reused.

Infinite recycling

A major benefit of metal is that in most cases it can be recycled an unlimited number of times without losing quality. Globally, iron and steel are the most recycled metals, used to create new products time and again. 

As one of the most valuable metals available when it comes to scrap metal recycling, copper is highly sought after due to its corrosion resistance and 100% recyclability rate. This means it can be reused in a range of applications, including motor vehicles, construction and industrial machinery.

Energy conservation

By recycling waste metal rather than producing virgin metal, the need for mining is reduced as no additional materials are required. In turn, this helps to protect natural resources, habitats and wildlife that would otherwise be under threat.

To put this into context, it has been reported that recycled aluminium requires 95% less energy than producing it using raw materials, making it a highly sustainable packaging choice.  


Not only is recycling waste metal a cost-effective alternative to metal production, but it also opens up job opportunities throughout local communities. As you can imagine, disposing of waste in landfill doesn’t need much manpower, but the intricacies of the recycling process requires many employees to carry out tasks at different stages.

Looking to get rid of your scrap metal?

For trusted scrap metal recycling experts in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and across the UK, look no further than Synergy. In our aim to minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill, we will convert scrap metal into clean, graded products that can be reused. We are a strong believer that what is scrap metal today can be turned into resources for tomorrow as we are committed to lowering our environmental impact for a more eco-friendly future. 

We offer top prices for all types of metals and same-day payments – simply get in touch with our experienced team today to find out more.

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  • Top prices paid for all types of metals
  • Same-day payments made
  • Family-run business

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